I started raising poultry because I thought it would be something fun to do, little did I know that it would do much more than that. I first stared off with a batch of 20 White Leghorn chicks that we got around Easter. I ended up keeping 6 pullets (females) and the rest were given to a family friend to add to her flock, which is an extremely sucessful flock as far as I know. The year after that I got another batch of 22 White Leghorn chicks that we got around Easter. Of that batch we kept 14 pullets and added an additional coop to the one we had for the first flock. The next year we got rid of those two flocks (I will go into detail later) but kept 2 from the first flock. We also got 2 Rhode Island Red (1 died) pullets and 4 little bantams. Sadly that flock perished in a coop fire. That very year we were given some more Rhode Island Reds when we bought a coop from a neighbor. The next year we adopted a pair of roosters (a Barred Rock and a Red Brahma rooster) from a petting zoo that was forced to shut down. The next year we seperated the two roosters into two flock with 3 hens each. We also bought 25 Silkie chicks  22/25 survived and we sold 14. That was also the year we got our first rabbit, a Flemish Giant, who we named Pikachu. The year after that (2016) we got a pair of New Zealand Red rabbits to bread and show. We just recently purchased one more Flemish Giant, a buck, two mixed does (Lionhead and Mini Rex), a Mini Lop buck, and a Mini Lop doe. We are still continuing to expand. This spring we are going to get more hens and some more rabbits. The website will be updated accordingly. 
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Poultry (ducks, chickens, turkeys, etc.)

Pre- veiw

We have raised many flocks of varrying breeds over the years. We have raised White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds,  Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantams, Porcelain D'uccle Bantams, ​Barred Rocks, Red Brahmas, Silkies, and Isa Blacks and Browns. We started off with a flock of 20 unsexed White Leghorn chicks. We lost a couple chicks as expected and raised the rest until they were mature enough to sex (tell the gender). We kept 6 pullets as layers and had a friend take the rest. The year after we got another batch of 22 unsexed White Leghorn chicks. As expected we lost a few. Out of that batch we kept 14 pullets as layers and gave the rest to some other friends. That year we had an unknown illness hit our flock and take the lives of half of our layers and stopped the rest from laying permanently. We tested the living birds for any illnesses and they passed and then we gave them away as stewing birds. However, we did keep 2 from the first year. The spring that we got rid of those birds we decontaminated the coops and got rid of one. Then we got a pair of Rhode Island Red pullets, a pair of unsexed Porcelain D'uccle Bantams and a pair of unsexed Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantams. The Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantams were both roosters and one of the Porcelain D'uccle Bantams was a rooster and the other a hen. We were planning on retiring from raising a good sized layer flock and focusing on raising prize show birds. Sadly that flock perished in a coop fire. The  Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantams and the  Porcelain D'uccle Bantams would have been prize show birds if I would have shown them before the fire. 

Chickens, Ducks, and Turkeys

We currently own a Barred Rock rooster we named Jack, three Rhode Island Red hens, five White Leghorn hens, three Buff Silkie hens, two Light Brahma hens, two Silver Laced Wyandotte hens, four Ameracauna hens, one Black Sex- Link hen, one Buff Orphington hen, one Golden Laced Sebright rooster, two Mille Fleur booted D'uccle bantam roosters, one Silver Duckwing Old English Game rooster, one white Slikie hen, one Black Australorp rooster named Apocolypse, one female Indian runner duck named Indie, four female Pekin ducks, two male Pekin ducks, one broad brested white female Turkey named Lady Blanco, one broad breasted bronze female Turkey name Lady Bronze, and one male Turkey named Bulldozer (nick named Tom/ Tommy).