We currently have a large variety of fowl. We have one barred Rock rooster named Jack, three Rhode Island red hens, five White Leghorn hens, three buff Silkie hens, two light Brahma hens, two Silver Laced Wyandotte hens, four Ameracauna hens, one black sex link hen, one buff Orphington hen, one golden laced Sebright rooster, two Mille Fleur booted D'uccle bantam roosters, one silver duckwing old English Game rooster, one white Slikie hen, one Black Australorp rooster named Apocolypse, one female Indian runner duck named Indie, four female Pekin ducks, two male Pekin ducks, one broad brested white female Turkey named Lady Blanco, one broad breasted bronze female Turkey name Lady Bronze, and one male Turkey named Bulldozer (nick named Tom/ Tommy).