Sales Policies and additional policies.

  • We do NOT ship our rabbits or poultry.
  • We do NOT accept foreign currency.
  • We sell for Show, Brood, Meat, and Pet. 
  • Quality and value/ worth is determined by me.
  • You are responsible for looking rabbits over before you purchase.
  • All pedigreed rabbits will come with a pedigree.
  • Rabbits are never sold before six weeks of age (rarely between 6-8 weeks of age).
  • When a Rabbit or poultry is sold we may inquire to the purpose to help better determine which is best suited for the purpose.
  • Before we sell any Rabbit or Poultry it is required we have your name, address, and phone number.
  • When picking up a rabbit or poultry, YOU must provide the carrier.
  • Delivery is a possibility but may come with a few. (If you wish to inquire send us and email)
  • Pick Up is determined when MY schedule will allow.
  • For payment we take CASH ONLY for now (that may change later).
  • There is a one week replacement gaurentee (within reason), but the determination on whether to replace the rabbit or poultry is determined by me. (From others who have the same policy I have heard that people want their rabbit or poultry replaced for very strange reasons (example: I found a better rabbit and don't want this one any more. Take him back and give me my money. (Mind you this happened to a friend three months after the people purchased the rabbit.))
  • We will take rabbits who's owners give up custody IF we have cage space, resources, and are willing.

Estimated Sales Prices

When determining sales prices that is up to us and us only. I will, however, ask you what you would offer for the poultry / rabbit, if I veiw that price as sufficient then I might sell to you. I determine the price based on quality (show, brood, pet, etc.), quantity (the more you buy the more likely you are to save), color, type, breed, discualifications, faults, etc. 

Here are our guidlines for determining price: Rabbits
  • Start with the average price of sale (Flemish: $30, Mini Lop: $ 10- $20, Pedigreed New Zealand Reds: $20- $30)
  • Then we look at the physical characteristics of the rabbit (color, gender, etc.)
  • Then we move on to the rabbits lineage/ bloodline, this determines the future characteristics of the rabbit
  • Then we determine if the rabbit is pedigreed
  • Next is the sex/ gender and the age (example: if a doe is 9 months and in her prime for breeding purposes with a long line of good breeders and show stock in her lineage will sell for more than doe coming out of her prime or with a not as good stock in her lineage)
  • Next we determine if the rabbit is proven and if so how was the stock that he/ she produced (quality, type, etc.)
  • Next we look at the parents and what awards they won among other things
​*NOTE: When determining price we also look at any faults, disqualifications, temperment, and many other things. The list above is just a short guide to help determine a resonable price.